With the Technologies which Respect Lives, AUTECH Improves the Quality of Life, and Hastens the Coming of Sound Future.

AUTECH GROUP is composed of four affiliates, which are: Autech, Autech Carrier, Autech Carrier Refrigeration, Autech-Otis Parking Systems.

AUTECH is leading the era of 4th industrial revolution with its ‘No.1 Products’ made with a set of integrated and combined next generation technologies such as AI technology, IoT, and such. Also, with the new idea which never existed, we are working hard to become more influential in the global market by making an aggressive investment into R&D.

With Carrier Air Conditioner’s More Advanced and Innovative Technology, Meet Your Future Even Faster.

AUTECH Carrier is the 3rd biggest supplier of air conditioners in Korea. The company is a solely domestic company specialized in producing eco-friendly and highly effective products in Korea through the technical cooperation with Global Carrier Network.

With a lineup of total HVAC systems including home air conditioners, commercial air conditioning systems, and industrial HVAC, the company is rapidly strengthening its market position not only in the Korean market, but also in the global market.

AUTECH Carrier, a company specialized in BIS(Building Intelligent Solution), is introducing intelligent building solutions that realize tailored energy-saving domestically and internationally

Recently, AUTECH Carrier is reinforcing its product lineup of home appliances including air conditioners, air cleaners, dehumidifiers, clothes dryers, refrigerators, wine cellars.

Carrier Refrigeration Leads the Future Market with Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient Products.

Carrier Refrigeration is a No.1 Korean company specialized in refrigeration system for commercial use.

With the most advanced and leading technologies in the industry, the company is ensuring the food safety of people by establishing ‘the Total Cold Chain System’ that maintains the best freshness from the origins of foods to the dining table.

Carrier Refrigeration is supplying various products including commercial display cases, inverter refrigerators, refrigerators for vehicles, refrigeration systems for warehouses, refrigerators and freezers for commercial and residential using the company’s own refrigeration system design technologies and a world-class highly efficient inverter control techniques.

Your Convenience and Safety are Guaranteed with our Innovative Technologies.

AUTECH-OTIS Parking Systems, a solid No.1 company of the maintenance of vertical parking system in Korea, is planning to run parking operation business for business expansion.

The company is planning to provide more advanced services by adopting the next generation technologies of global companies such as OTIS, Fuji Corporation of Japan, etc.